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Welding requirements for steam prepaid flow meters during installation

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    The steam prepaid flow meter is designed with international advanced technology and widely used in steam flow metering. When working in modern industry, it is often necessary to obtain the volumetric flow rate of the internal gas. This needs to be used to achieve this because of the installation effect and The location has a certain effect on its acquisition of flow, which shows the importance of the installation welding process.
    The steam prepaid flowmeter is a new type of internationally advanced flowmeter developed based on the Carmen vortex street principle. Because it has the advantages that other flowmeters cannot have, it has developed rapidly since the 1970s. According to relevant data, it has been widely used in various fields. Will dominate the future flow meter, is an ideal replacement for orifice flowmeters.
    Requirements for installation welding of steam prepaid flow meter:
    1. Before installing the steam prepaid flowmeter, clean up the debris in the pipeline: debris, welding slag, stones, dust, etc. It is recommended to install a 5 micron mesh filter upstream to block droplets and sand. Use equal-diameter pipes (or bypass pipes) instead of flowmeters to purge the pipes. To ensure that the flowmeter is not damaged during use.
    2. The user has another pair of standard flanges welded on the front and rear pipes. Welding with a flow meter is not allowed.
    3. When installing the steam prepaid flowmeter, the gasket between the flanges must not be recessed into the pipeline to prevent interference with normal flow measurement.
    The actual measurement effect of the steam prepaid flowmeter will be affected by the external environment, so in addition to ensuring the standard installation in actual use, we must also ensure that the flowmeter pipeline inspection and cleaning work are done at any time to ensure that the flowmeter can work normally. .
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