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Precautions for using steam prepaid metering controller

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    The steam prepayment metering controller uses the principle of fluid oscillation to measure the flow. When the fluid passes through the vortex flow transmitter in the pipeline, two rows of vortexes proportional to the flow rate are alternately generated up and down after the vortex generator of the triangular column. There are several things to note:
    1. Generally, a certain number of filters should be installed upstream of the steam prepayment metering controller to prevent the flowmeter from being jammed and blocked, and the sewage should be drained regularly and the filter screen should be inspected and cleaned.
    2. In order to prevent the liquid in the cavity from being measured by the steam prepayment metering controller, the flow meter should be installed vertically or above the process pipeline, and the liquid should be drained regularly.
    3. Before putting into operation, make sure that there are no impurities such as welding slag in the pipeline and open the bypass to prevent the flowmeter rotor from running at high speed and damage the flowmeter.
    4. It is necessary to observe the pressure before and after, and judge the failure in time.
    Warm reminder: The steam prepaid metering controller is easy to use, but pay more attention to the measurement precautions when using it to ensure the accuracy of the metering and prolong the service life.

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