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The right choice of steam prepaid flowmeter

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    In order to choose a steam prepaid flow meter with good performance, cheap price and high cost performance, in addition to choosing a company with good quality and good reputation, some performance of the product itself should also be considered.
    1. Instrument performance: Accuracy, repeatability, linearity, range, flow range, signal output characteristics, response time, pressure loss and other factors must meet the standard requirements of steam prepayment flowmeters.
    2. Fluid characteristics: fluid pressure, heat meter temperature, density, viscosity of battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter, lubricity, chemical properties, wear, corrosion, scaling, fouling, gas compression coefficient, isentropic index, specific heat capacity, electrical conductivity , Sound velocity, miscible flow, pulsating flow, etc.
    3. Installation conditions: pipeline layout direction, flow direction, length of the straight pipe section on the upstream and downstream sides of the test piece, pipeline diameter, maintenance space, power supply, grounding, auxiliary equipment, etc.
    4. Environmental conditions: ambient temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference, safety, explosion protection, pipeline vibration, etc.
    5. Economic factors: instrument purchase fee, installation fee, operation fee, calibration fee, maintenance fee, meter service life, spare parts, etc.
    To meet the needs of the actual situation is to choose the right one, so when buying a steam prepaid flow meter, you should first understand the actual needs, and then let the sales staff or manufacturers recommend products with appropriate performance.

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