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Valve adjustment problem of steam prepayment metering controller

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    At present, heating companies generally have the management thinking of “heavy equipment and light metering”. The used metering facilities are outdated, small flow meters cannot be used, and large flows will not move. Therefore, in order to protect the normal operation and legal rights of heating companies To eliminate this kind of injustice, we have developed a "steam metering prepayment device" using mature scientific and technological means. How should we adjust its valve?
    1. In manual mode, after inserting the device card, the valve opening can be adjusted through the keyboard.
    2. Over-flow limiting function. When the flow exceeds the set value, the valve opening of the steam prepayment metering controller is automatically reduced.
    3. In automatic mode: After recharging, the valve automatically opens slowly.
    4. With debugging function, in the debugging state, you can open the valve without recharging.
    5. Remote control mode, the valve opening of the steam prepayment metering controller is adjusted by the host computer.
    6. Small flow closing valve function, when the flow is less than the set value for a certain period of time, the valve is automatically closed.
    The steam prepaid metering controller also designed a meter anti-theft box. Use the remote control to lock the meter box and the anti-theft box. The anti-theft indicator lights up. At this time, the meter is in the anti-theft operation state. As long as any of the anti-theft boxes is opened, the system will automatically close the valve At this time, the user cannot open the valve. Only the gas supply management personnel can use the remote control to decode the valve to open the normal gas supply.
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