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System principle of steam prepayment metering controller

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    In today's society, the steam prepaid metering controller has gradually been widely used. With the continuous development of information technology, we usually only need a card to purchase and consume. Among them, steam is also used because Often, users do not know the amount of steam remaining in the device before purchasing, so they usually set up a prepayment method to avoid payment problems.
    1. The controller of the steam prepayment metering controller is connected to the flow (heat) totalizer, and the data on the totalizer (cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, pressure, temperature, density, power-off time, setting parameters, etc.) are communicated through serial communication. Passed to the controller.
    2. After the microcomputer management software recharges the IC card, bring the card close to the induction area of the IC card to indicate that the card is successfully swiped. The amount purchased by the user is input to the controller. The internal microprocessor CPU performs the instrument data received and the data entered by the 1C card. Data processing such as real-time calculation, comparison, and logical judgment.
    3. When the value charged on the 1C card (that is, the amount of steam purchased this time) is less than or equal to the set balance alarm value, the controller buzzer alarms, the remote meter reading software webpage alarm and sends information to the designated person in charge Mobile phone reminder; when the controller's margin is less than or equal to the valve closing margin, the controller sends a signal to close the valve, and sends a message to the designated mobile phone number to remind, according to the requirements, the degree of valve closing can be controlled, and the purpose of automatic prepayment management is achieved.
    The steam prepayment metering controller can connect the steam chamber through the internal circuit and obtain the remaining size according to its related parameters, so that the IC card can easily compare the remaining amount with the steam amount required for prepayment and perform automated management, thereby greatly improving the operation. Convenience.
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