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Inspection before installation of steam prepayment metering controller

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    The steam prepayment metering controller is to receive the metering data of the steam metering system and output and receive various digital quantities through the serial port to provide users with a data transmission network. At the same time, the system uses a single-chip microcomputer as the core to implement the IC card recharge prepayment Function, then quality inspection must be performed before installation, because it can be prevented from being unavailable due to quality problems during use, so what is the need?
    1. Because the parts of the steam prepayment metering controller are assembled and cannot be disassembled, it is time-consuming to take them down for repair if there is a problem. In this way, we will not worry about quality problems after inspection.
    2, and familiar with the entire steam prepayment metering controller. It will be relatively simple in the future maintenance, and the verification efficiency can be used. Good quality water meters can accurately read the data.
    Therefore, the quality check of the steam prepayment metering controller before installation is very necessary. No matter what products the manufacturer buys, it needs to be checked. One is to be able to find and correct problems in a timely manner, and the other is to extend the service life.
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