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Cautions when using a steam prepaid flow meter

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    The steam prepaid flow meter is a kind of flow meter mainly used to measure the flow rate of steam. In order to measure the flow rate of steam correctly, we need to pay attention to the following points in practical applications:
    1. Changes in pressure and temperature of the steam system. Constant pressure steam systems are almost non-existent in reality. In order to avoid non-measurement errors caused by pressure or temperature fluctuations, the steam flow meter should have the function of automatic steam density compensation.
    2. Changes in steam flow. Choose a flowmeter with a large flow range ratio as much as possible to avoid incorrect measurement and "loss" of flow when the flow is small.
    3. The influence of saturated steam dryness. Attention should be paid to the correction of dryness, and at the same time to ensure the supply of high-quality steam to the flowmeter.
    4. To ensure the correct measurement of the steam prepaid flow meter, a good installation of the flow meter is also critical.
    5, should choose a suitable steam prepaid flow meter. A good flow meter should have good metering and reproducibility, high range ratio, and automatic density compensation.
    The steam prepaid flow meter should have good reproducibility and high measurement accuracy, but in the process of use, pay attention to the above points to avoid errors and cause unnecessary losses.
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