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How to do lightning protection measures for steam prepaid flowmeters

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    The steam prepaid flow meter is a metal material device that is usually installed outdoors. However, there are many lightning storms in summer and it is easy to be damaged by lightning. Therefore, lightning protection measures need to be taken.


    1. Check if the soil around the grounding device has subsided.
    2. The grounding wire of the steam prepayment flowmeter lightning arrester is a multi-strand copper-core insulated wire that cannot exceed 1 meter in length and has a cross-sectional area greater than 6 mm square. If there is no ground network nearby, a simple ground network should be installed near the arrester.
    3. The power supply is 220v unidirectional AC power. An air switch is installed in the instrument box. The lightning arrester and the air switch are connected in parallel. The wire comes out of the air switch and is connected to a three-phase socket.
    4. External lightning protection (including lightning rods, lightning strips, down-conductors, ground electrodes, etc.) and internal lightning protection.
    5. The signal cable between the steam prepaid flow meter and the sensor must not be longer than 50 meters and must be sheathed with a galvanized pipe. If the galvanized pipe is in the air, the galvanized pipe needs to be reliably grounded with a wire.
    Therefore, the steam prepaid flowmeter should be designed with lightning protection measures. If you do not worry about the built-in lightning protection design, you can follow the methods described above to install lightning protection during installation to avoid lightning weather. damage.
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