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Steam IC card prepayment controller

  • 蒸汽IC卡预付费控制仪 Product Name: Steam IC Card Prepayment Controller
  • IC卡控制仪 Product Category: IC Card Controller
  • 淄博东本自动化设备有限公司 Company Name: Zibo Dongben Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Product Details

Steam IC Card Prepayment Controller (ZBDB-A)
1. Adopt contact chip card, which has strong security. One table and one card, one card and one secret, cannot be interchanged. The entire system has dozens of passwords.
2. Communication function: This controller has RS485 or RS232 communication interface, which can be linked with GPRS module.
3. Agreed volume: The buyer and seller can settle according to the volume of the contract signed by both parties.
4. Power failure protection function: When the system power supply is interrupted unexpectedly, the data can be automatically saved for five years.
5. Overdraft function: With the permission setting, you can select the "overdraft" function through the steam IC card prepayment controller function setting key, and the overdraft limit is set by the user.
6. Alarm under abnormal conditions 6.1 According to the user setting, the alarm will be issued when the balance of the steam charge is less than the set alarm value.
6.2 Door opening of control box.
6.3 Power status.
6.4 Flow, pressure and temperature and other data alarm.

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