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ZBDB-KXIC Card Prepayment Control Box

  • ZBDB-KXIC卡预付费控制箱 Product Name: ZBDB-KXIC Card Prepayment Control Box
  • IC卡控制箱 Product Category: IC Card Control Box
  • 淄博东本自动化设备有限公司 Company Name: Zibo Dongben Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Product Details

IC card prepayment control box (IC card prepayment controller, valve positioner, lightning protection module, switching power supply, UPS, remote transmission module), intelligent electric regulating valve, etc.
IC card prepayment control box function ⑴ Display function Full Chinese interface display, the display content mainly includes: instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, remaining gas volume, power failure duration, frequency, differential pressure, frequency, pressure, temperature, valve position, etc.
⑵Reminder function The instrument will remind the user of the last balance and current recharge amount on the spot.
(3) The valve closing function is used, and the valve is automatically closed after the use of steam has been completed. The valve closing action can be set from 0% -100% according to the actual situation, such as closing 50%, 40% or 30%.
压力 Pipe network pressure adjustment function To ensure the pressure of the pipe network is balanced and meet the requirements of most users, the system has a pressure adjustment function, that is, the valve opening degree can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure that the pressure change of the controlled pipeline is within the parameter range set by the user, which improves the pipe network. operation efficiency. At the same time, it should also have the function of opening the electric control valve according to the time setting, which can effectively prevent water hammer and cavitation caused by excessive pipelines, and increase or extend the service life of electric actuators and valves.
⑸Small flow protection function When the actual flow of the user is lower than the lower limit of the flow meter, it will automatically charge according to the lower limit flow meter. When the user's actual traffic returns to normal, it will automatically be charged according to the actual flow meter.

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