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ZBDB-KZIC Card Prepayment Control Box

  • ZBDB-KZIC卡预付费控制箱 Product Name: ZBDB-KZIC Card Prepayment Control Box
  • IC卡控制箱 Product Category: IC Card Control Box
  • 淄博东本自动化设备有限公司 Company Name: Zibo Dongben Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Product Details

IC card prepayment control box (IC card prepayment controller, valve positioner, lightning protection module, switching power supply, UPS, remote transmission module), intelligent electric regulating valve, etc.
IC card prepayment control box function 1, power failure protection function No matter what causes the external power supply interruption, the data can be stored for ten years.
2. Data recovery function In case of accidental damage to the controller, the internal data (mainly the user's recharge margin) can be recovered, effectively avoiding the dispute between the two parties.
3. Monitoring function When an illegal user artificially invades the workstation and changes the working state of the field sensor, the control box can judge logically, issue an execution command, and close the valve.
4. The extended function is compatible with any flow sensor, electric control valve, etc., and is convenient for future replacement.
5. Alarm function ① According to the setting, the alarm can be issued when the balance of the fare is less than a certain value; and a notification SMS can be sent to the customer's mobile phone, and the alarm will be issued when the pressure occurs and the temperature exceeds the limit.
② When the balance of the steam fare is zero, the electric valve will act when there is no action or the action is not in place;
③Alarm when the electric valve is abnormally opened. Alarm mode: The controller supports on-site alarm or wireless (GPRS / CDMA) alarm on the upper PC.
④ After the prepaid monitoring box is opened, it will be prompted by the upper monitoring computer.
⑤ After the city power (AC220V) is interrupted, it will be prompted by the upper monitoring computer.

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