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Steam prepaid flow meter

  • 蒸汽预付费流量计 Product name: Steam prepaid flow meter
  • 一体式预付费流量计 Product Category: Integrated prepaid flowmeter
  • 淄博东本自动化设备有限公司 Company Name: Zibo Dongben Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Product Details

Application advantages of steam prepaid flowmeter IC card steam prepaid flowmeter produced by our company is easy to operate and has good security. It realizes automatic calculation and changes the traditional billing method, which greatly saves manpower. 1. Report statistics: Statistics, printing and querying the usage of day, month and year.
2. Remote recharge: The remote recharge method is that the user only needs to remit the auto money into the account of the thermal power plant. After the thermal power plant receives the auto money, the management staff will recharge the user through wireless communication in the monitoring center.
3. Remote maintenance: Authorized by the user, it can assist in system maintenance and upgrade to ensure stable and reliable operation of the system.
4. On-site data monitoring: The prepaid recharge system is wireless.
5. The communication network uploads the user's steam data information, the host computer analyzes and organizes the received data, automatically gives the user the desired graphs and reports, and provides real-time information on-site for management personnel.
6. Modify the unit price remotely: The operator in the main control room adjusts the user's unit price of steam through the wireless communication network.
7. Abnormal operation alarm: audible and visual alarm, concurrent SMS notification alarm, power failure alarm and unpacking alarm.
8. Automatic deduction of hydrophobic subsidy: a certain amount of steam consumption is deducted daily as required.
9. Automatic billing: The remaining amount (remaining tonnage) in the steam prepayment meter will be billed in real time according to the steam consumption on site.
10. Time-sharing: divide 24 hours a day into two time periods, and use different unit price for different time periods.
11. Steam parameter measurement: users can adjust various parameters according to different situations. 12. Valve remote control: remote control mode, in the central control room, remote valve opening adjustment can be achieved through the host computer.
13. Steam parameter change curve: See the steam usage situation intuitively.
14. Resource sharing: Users can log in to the system at any time to view real-time status information and realize resource sharing.
15. Privilege management: Users can grant management privileges according to levels to meet different management needs.
16. Pipeline fault diagnosis: In order to ensure the pressure of the pipe network is balanced and meet the requirements of most users. The system has user-side pressure automatic adjustment, control, and remote pressure adjustment functions. This function can ensure that the pressure change of the controlled pipe network is within the parameters set by the user, thereby improving the operating efficiency of the pipeline network and effectively reducing the loss of the pipe network.

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